Finance Strategy & Transformation

Empowering finance leaders to better partner with internal and external stakeholders by providing insight into business performance and proactive decision-making support.

The Future of Finance

New competitors are transforming entire industries within a very short space of time. New services are replacing business and market models which worked perfectly until now. Innovative technological developments are eliminating complete product ranges – across traditional industry and sector boundaries.

In the wake of this development, the financial function and CFO are playing an ever greater role, both strategically and operationally. They are the central navigators of the imminent transformation. At the same time, operational business is placing increasingly higher demands on the financial function. More precise forecasts and more consistent data are required in order to react appropriately to changes in the market.


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Areas of focus

Finance Strategy & Operating Model

Identify strategies to optimize the Finance structure, process, people, governance, incentives and technology to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Finance Transformation Strategy: Reduce functional and operational complexity, define digital strategy and information architecture, create standardized, streamlined processes that deliver efficient, high-quality services to all stakeholders.

Finance Operating Model: Redefining operating model, capabilities, digital roadmap and performance to shift organizational focus by leveraging analytics to provide insights that inform strategic thinking and drives growth while reducing costs

Finance Service Delivery Model: Align skills and competencies with stakeholder needs.

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Enterprise Performance Management

We support you in integrating the financial and non-financial systems and processes based on your organizational need. Services include:

Strategic performance management:  Identify value-creating drivers and key figures. Align individual measures and rewards based on the company strategy and business goals.

Consolidation and statutory reporting: Create intelligent and reliable reporting systems. Increase the efficiency and frequency of reporting processes.

Integrated business planning: Design processes and systems for planning, budgeting and forecasting.

Management information: Design and deliver management information to monitor and enhance continued improvement work.

Costing and profitability management: Deliver cost and profitability analysis including activity-based management and product and customer profitability.

EPM software: Define sustainable cloud strategy for EPM software, support in system blueprint design, system evaluation, solution design and system roll-out.


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Finance Shared Services & Outsourcing

PwC has a proven methodology that’s been delivered across multiple shared services and outsourcing (SSO) projects. Services include:

SSO strategy and assessment: Define SSO strategy, vision and high level target operating model. Use benchmarks to identify the case for change and which functions to outsource.

SSO Design and construction: Detailed design of future processes and organization, including deciding which processes to outsource or automate with RPA, specifying and selecting tools, identifying location and establishing principles for governance and commercial design

Implement and validate:
Providing support throughout the implementation phase.

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Digital Finance

Support digital transformations, transitions to the cloud, streamline processes with digital technologies and leveraged analytics. Services include:

Digital strategic operating model: Define and design digital roadmap, digital operating model, information strategy, skill alignment and training framework and support in digital implementations.

Transitioning to the Cloud:  Define sustainable cloud strategy, support in vendor assessment and cloud implementations.

Leveraging analytics: Design and construct the information architecture and framework, develop and implement processes to capture and store data, and establish data governance.

Software robotics: Streamline processes, identify opportunities for RPA, employ and implement cost efficient solutions, and establish RPA operating model and governance

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Finance Benchmarking

We mine the practices of the world's finance functions and draw on in-depth benchmarking studies we have performed for nearly 600 finance organizations around the globe.

Finance effectiveness benchmarking:  Assessing your current performance against a peer group of organisations of comparable scale and complexity.

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Finance Insights

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