Organisation design

When a company struggles to execute on a strategy, all too often the first reaction is to redraw the organisation chart

This is costly and often ineffective. Rather than tinker with just structure and incentives, organisations should look at the inner workings of the company to pull more effective levers. Research shows that enterprises fail at execution because they go straight to structural reorganisation and neglect the most powerful drivers of effectiveness — decision rights and information flow elements.

Our organisation design capability comprises services that help clients design an organisation and set up of their people that is fit for purpose and addresses the internal, external, formal and informal factors that determine how well an organisation can put into practice its strategy. We work with clients at all stages of their project from diagnosing and assessing their current organisation design, to building new conceptual models, through to detailed design and subsequently implementation. We work with all levels of the organisation,however often it is with the c-suite as they tackle problems with single functions or enterprise wide transformations.

Our organisation design capability is focused on revolutionising how businesses think about Organisation Design,

Partnering with clients to design and implement the organisational models and structures that will deliver maximum agility, flexibility and responsiveness. Our specialists combine the best of the Strategy& and PwC toolkits and thought leadership to deliver adaptable and sustainable value for our clients.

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