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Feb 09, 2017

Our clients are dealing with unprecedented change driven by factors including the shift in global economic power, generational changes, an ageing population, the digital economy and the emergence of global players disrupting traditional sectors.

Results from the PwC 2014 Global PPM Survey, demonstrate that some important issues have not changed across the four surveys undertaken by PwC over the past 10 years. With input from a cross section of industries and geographies, the Survey demonstrates many challenges are related to basic project management elements: poor estimates; changes in scope; and poorly defined goals as top reasons why projects overrun. Something needs to be done differently to resolve this trend. More effective execution can be accelerated by embedding professionalism, standardising tools and methods and leveraging the right PPM expertise.  

The survey reinforces the importance of more mature programme and portfolio management approaches and building capability to gaining competitive advantage.  The leading organisations are now focused on PPM capabilities throughout the full investment lifecycle:

  • Prioritise: Portfolio Management
    Implementing mature processes and frameworks to select the right projects, that:  are fully aligned to the strategy; that optimise the return on investment; and that strike the right balance between running, protecting, and growing the organisation.
  • Execute: Programme and Portfolio Delivery
    Improving the management and delivery of projects, programs and overall portfolios in both traditional and ‘agile’ ways, as well as the maturity of project risk management including the  original parameters of time, cost and quality. 
  • Realise:
    Managed Benefits delivering intended outcomes
    Structuring the identification, quantification, management and ultimately realisation of benefits; and ensuring these form both the foundation of individual business cases and are a key input to the iterative process of selecting the right portfolio of projects.

PwC has a global team of Portfolio and Programme Management (PPM) professionals who specialise in designing and delivering complex transformation programmes.

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