HR Function and Technology

The way organisations approach business strategy is changing from reactive deterministic approaches to proactive directional strategies that build on the capability within the organisation. This shift requires a rethinking of people strategies to deliver on strategic intent – and improved alignment of the internal capabilities and people infrastructure to achieve competitive advantage and deliver on the challenges that the next decade will bring. 

We help clients make the connection between their business strategy and the people activities needed to deliver it, ensuring agility to account for business need now and in the future through a framework that maps strategy into all of the aspects of the employee lifecycle.

HR Function

After a period of cost cutting, hiring freezes and budget constraints, HR leaders are being challenged to mobilise and manage talent to help businesses grow. Fears that talent management shortfalls will constrain growth mean that organisations are looking to refocus efforts and investments on those employees who will be most valuable to their businesses in light of their growth ambitions. 

Many CEOs and Executive Boards are demanding a rethink of their entire people and HR functional strategies and plan to look again at HR organisation effectiveness. 

We don’t just consider how to fix HR problems of today, we look ahead at how to prepare HR organisations for the challenges of the future by both leveraging our end to end HR Transformation Integrated Solution and by providing flexible point solutions to specific client needs. 

"PwC achieved Vanguard status in the Kennedy Research Vanguard of HR Transformation Consulting, Human Capital Strategy Consulting and Change Management Consulting Markets"

Kennedy Research, "HR Transformation Consulting Market 2013"; "Human Capital Strategy Consulting Market 2013" and "Change Management Consulting Market 2013" © Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory. Reproduced under license.

HR Technology

HR Software as a Service (‘SaaS’) is providing HR leaders with a unique opportunity to rapidly deliver revolutionary change and a renewed strategic focus. Organisations who recognise HR SaaS as the opportunity for transformational change are creating sustainable economic value in record time and shaping the future of the industry now. 

HR success is not just about technology implementation – an integrated programme which considers HR Transformation and HR Technology on a holistic basis is needed to drive real value for our clients. 

We work with clients on the end to end journey from business case for change, to implementation and HR Transformation.

People Analytics and Insights

The power of data-led insight is transforming how organisations across all industries can make better informed decisions about harnessing the power of their people – spanning strategic workforce planning, productivity, talent management, employee engagement and retention, performance management, agility and mobility. 

We are a numbers organisation: everything we do at PwC is underpinned by analytics and data driven insight. In People and Organisation we can really differentiate our multi-competency transformation programmes through embedding analytics and insights into our 15 capabilities. 

Using sophisticated analytics techniques that draw on applications, data scientists, statisticians and psychologists combined with cutting edge technologies, we enable organisations to efficiently analyse data in numerous ways to provide superior and relevant insights. 

Our People Analytics and Insights capability is a full-service people analytics provider, with a thorough understanding of the specific workforce issues faced by companies in each industry. We offer a broad range of services, including SaratogaTM benchmarking, advanced analytics, comprehensive workforce surveying, and assisting organisations in building a people analytics function.

Workforce Capability

With up to 85% of costs tied up in people, organisations need to be better placed to predict strategic and operational requirements and allocate resources accordingly. 

By understanding the needs of the business throughout the employee life cycle from attraction through to how to retain, motivate, train and develop, and engage – our workforce capability ensures the organisation has the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time and cost. 

Our approach: helps organisations right-size their workforce to better address immediate and emerging business challenges, enables organisations to be proactive about filling talent gaps, provides talent solutions to workforce restructuring in response to mergers, divestitures and on-going organisational change, and improves organisations’ ability to re-skill and deploy resources in new and emerging markets. 

We help our clients realise and discover the potential of their people through an integrated approach across 3 key areas:  

  1. Workforce planning and optimisation 
  2. Talent acquisition and management 
  3. Workforce engagement

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