Reward and Risk Assesment

Reward is – very simply – one of the reasons why we work! 

Importantly, though, reward is not the only reason that we work. That is why our approach to reward is not to focus on reward in a vacuum, but to consider it as part of the broader management ecosystem – comprising pensions/benefits, leadership, performance management, global mobility, and business strategy.

Our Reward practitioners can help our clients by: 

  • Advising boards and management teams on the appropriate structure and quantum of senior executive reward – with appropriate reference to both the external marketplace and the client’s specific objectives.
  • Assisting with the technical (tax/ regulatory) and administrative implementation challenges of global incentive plans and reward structures.
  • Analysing reward elements from a cost/benefit perspective to develop more efficient delivery of reward that is aligned with what is important to key talent.
  • Developing reward structures as part of a workforce transformation or corporate transaction.
  • Adapting reward and incentive programmes to regulatory changes.


PwC has a unique combination of technical capabilities, market intelligence, and analytics to help our clients with a broad range of emerging reward issues including:

  • Senior executive reward and governance.
  • Tax and regulatory compliance.
  • 'Total' reward strategy and analytics.
  • Competitive benchmarking and development of reward structures.
  • Incentive design and linkage to performance management.

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