Future of-series

Why is PwC doing the Future of-series?

For well over 5 years, PwC has been arranging different Future of- Series all over the world.  These consist of either a half day workshop or a 12 week long innovation and business development program.

PwC Sweden has for some time arranged the half day workshops, but during the fall 2017 we launched the first 12 week program. The themes are carefully selected to mirror challenges and development needs in society with a human centric perspective. The first program was Future of Health – chronic diseases. Previously held half day workshop themes have included, Workforce, Finance and Insurance just to name a few.

For the 12 week innovation program, PwC’s team carefully select scale-ups and established corporates within the specific ecosystem of the chosen theme, who jointly has the ability to find new opportunities for innovation and business development. PwC facilitates the process by creating the meeting platform, facilitating workshops on idea generation and accelerating new collaborations, as well as contributing our  expertise and our network of experts, business representatives and investors.

The Future of-Series is linked to PwC’s general strategy of creating trust in society and solving important issues.

– To be credible advisors, we need to be in the forefront to understand and learn how new technologies can be used and applied from a commercial perspective. This gives us an increased understanding of how we can help customers solve their challenges and create new opportunities, comments Ulrika Andersson, responsible program partner at PwC Sweden.

Interested in becoming a partner in a future program?

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