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Achieving your objectives to gain advantage requires experience and foresight. Make the best decisions to move your business forward with confidence.

Our ways of working

The PwC BXT Philosophy: Working at the intersection of business, experience and technology

We are distinguished from our competitors in the consulting space by our capacity to work at the intersection of disciplines and form one cohesive solution.

"PwC's BXT approach and Experience Center platform demonstrates an important trend in business consulting: the ability to integrate expertise from multiple consulting domains to more rapidly identify opportunities, design new processes, and iterate to achieve a minimally viable product with observable benefits."

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The power of perspective

Capabilities within Management Consulting

Management Consulting

In a world where business challenges are more complex than ever before, innovation, speed and execution is the key to success. Our method is about believing in the power of perspective. This means we strive for business, technology and experience capabilities to play an active role simultaneously when solving problems. We support our clients most important issues:

  • How to effectively approach innovation and brand development to enable growth?
  • How to rapidly develop unique customer experience from ideation to delivery?
  • How to leverage digital to transform the core of the organisation and enable new business?

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Strategy& creates strategies that work. The challenges you face are complex. The stakes - and the risks - are high. Getting it right matters. You need the right partner to help you identify a differentiating strategy for your business, and execute it with certainty, speed, and impact.  Strategy& brings together a leading-edge strategy team with PwC’s global capabilities, giving you the right expertise to help you create your strategy and execute it as well as align cost structure and operating model to it.

We support our clients address their most important issues:

  • How do we develop a winning strategy that is implementable?
  • How do we transform our business while creating room to invest and securing execution of strategy?
  • Is this an attractive target we should invest in?

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Now is the time for operational leaders to step up to the stage and become a linchpin in achieving company profitability and growth goals. It requires forward, innovative thinking and agile response to rapidly changing markets, technologies and global cost structures.


Customer experience is essential in the digital age. We help clients with the front-office-transformation that improves your customer centricity capability. 


Technology is an important enabler of business transformation. To assist you in getting value from technology investments, we bring together the skills to deliver improvements in processes.

People and organisation

Getting the best from people at every level when there is constant change is the key to sustainable competitive advantage. Solid strategies, processes and technology alone do not deliver results.

Data and Analytics

Innovative use of data, analytics and AI create enormous value for business and society. Our Data and analytics team helps you reimagine your analytics capability and change your organisation mindset to realise the true potential of data through analytics and AI transformation.

How can PwC help you?

Together now. Together tomorrow.

Achieving your objectives to gain advantage requires experience and foresight. We can help you to make the best decisions to move your business forward with confidence.

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