Revealing the top five consumer trends

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This year’s survey clearly shows how new consumer habits and global mega-players are essentially disrupting the retail market as we know it, while Asian consumers continue to drive the shift to digital. The Global Consumer Insights Survey 2018 takes the pulse of 22,000 global consumers’ future behavior

Each year, we perform a survey of consumer trends and shopping behavior that allows us to better understand how the retail landscape is shifting. This year, it is evident that new consumer habits and global mega players like Amazon and Alibaba are disrupting the retail market. Asian consumers are continuing to drive the shift to digital.

"The overall direction of consumer trends are getting clearer, now companies need to start taking actions to meet future expectations."

Peter Malmgren, PwC

In order to meet these challenges and opportunities, companies need to act on five things.

Key findings in the report:

  1. Invest in and understand new technologies

  2. Create an omnichannel experience

  3. Your work on CSR needs to be more than a policy

  4. Play an active part in both local and global ecosystems

  5. Data is silver, but trust is gold. Ensure that customers trust your organization

Read more about consumer behavior and retail market in our Global Consumer Insights Survey 2018. Don’t hesitate to reach out for further discussions on how this will impact your business.

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