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Given the swings in the economy, C-suite executives and board members continue to reassess their business portfolios for ways to increase market share and competitive advantage, and create value whether by mergers & acquisitions, divestiture, strategic alliance or accessing the capital markets.

Leading companies focus on optimizing deals so they can look around the corner and be prepared for any scenario that might impact their ability to derive value from a transaction. We help our clients, corporates and financial sponsors, seize potential, avoid pitfalls, and adapt with agility to shape transformational deals anywhere along the deal spectrum–from deal strategy through value capture.

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We help clients do better deals and create value through mergers and acquisitions, disposals and restructuring. We work together with them to help develop the right strategy before the deal, execute their deals seamlessly, identify issues and points of negotiation and value, and implement changes to deliver synergies and improvements after the deal.

Delivering deal value

The large majority of deals fail to achieve their original financial or strategic objectives, with many companies being ill-prepared for the speed and intensity of the deal process. This challenging deal landscape makes the experience and expertise we can offer through all stages of the deal continuum all the more critical.

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