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Supply chain excellence in turbulent times

How are supply chains transforming in this evolving marketplace? What capabilities allow companies to stabilise their supply chains and stand out as supply chain champions? We have investigated how supply chain executives around the globe act. We can see that the Nordic marketplace is risking to fall behind.

For many companies market environments are becoming ever-more challenging. To cope with constant change, companies will need to make sure that their organisation is able to continuously evolve and improve. They’ll need a culture of continuous innovation and cross-functional collaboration to get there – always keeping the end-to-end value chain in mind. Generally that means beginning with the needs of the end customer, but also taking into account everything from factories, to warehouses, to backend technologies.

"Digital in supply chain is a prerequisite in the “New Normal”, and Nordic companies need to increase the attention and investments on digitalization of their supply chains in order to compete successfully on the cost, service levels and agility of their global competition."

What can we learn from Supply Chain Digital Champions?

In this year’s global study we take a look at how Digital Champions have achieved supply chain excellence.

  • What are the key characteristics of a next level supply chain and which capabilities are required to achieve it?
  • In which technologies are Digital Champions investing and what does a state of the art supply chain technology and IT architecture look like?
  • Which benefits and performance improvements can be realised through investing in supply chain excellence?
  • What are the implications on the supply chain organisation, skills and ways of working?

Nordic peers are risking to fall behind 

To take a closer look at how supply chains are transforming in this evolving marketplace, we surveyed 1,601 supply chain executives across the globe and investigated what capabilities allow companies to stabilise their supply chains and stand out as supply chain champions. We have also looked at the Nordic marketplace and can see that within specific supply chain capability and technology areas the Nordic peers are risking to fall behind. 189 Nordic companies participated.

Nordics vs Digital Champions

  • Only 8% of Nordic companies have implemented end-to-end supply chain planning, while 72% of Digital Champions have already implemented it
  • 63% of Digital Champions have implemented AI and advanced analytics platforms, but only 11% of Nordic companies have done the same 
  • As much as 72% of Digital Champions have implemented capabilities within process automation (RPA), but only 17% of Nordic companies have come as far.

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