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The application market is evolving at an increasingly rapid pace with new players and uses of technology, changing how we look at the future of the processes and value chains traditionally used to build up IT systems. 

It is becoming increasingly challenging for companies to understand the numerous IT solutions available in the market. You need to select the right application to fit your business needs. The traditional approach to application selection is complex and time-consuming and therefore often exceeds the practical benefits. At PwC, we can help you.

Three steps you need to take towards a modern, efficient   IT selection process

1. Shift from requirements to capabilities

By identifying business capabilities based on the organisational vision and mission and focusing on use cases, you can focus on the most important differentiating factors of each application. 

2. Early identification of alternatives:

Upfront down selection of vendors who are able to provide a matching set of capabilities for the relevant processes and industry shortens the time needed to analyse multiple tender responses. 

3. Moving from written requests to experiencing the application's live performance: 

Iterative approach with involvement of key stakeholders and representatives from the target user group results in higher end user satisfaction with the selected system.

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