Contract and corporate law

Regardless of whether you are planning to start new operations, restructure existing ones, or are considering an acquisition, PwC Legal’s team has the proven competence and experience to help you solve the challenges you face and plan for the future.

Our experts can assist you with advice regarding, for example, corporate acquisitions, corporate sales including due diligence, new company formation, capital acquisition and setting up new business operations, shareholders agreements, review of contracts, intellectual property law, corporate issues, governance, liability issues and Board matters.

In conjunction with the global PwC Legal network, we can offer integrated legal advice with tailor-made teams to meet your specific requirements within Sweden and internationally.

If you would like more information regarding the services we offer, feel free to contact Angelica Persson Ewö, responsible for PwC Legal in Sweden.

Corporate transactions are often both complex and time demanding. In today’s global economy, these transactions can stretch over a number of jurisdictions and can require a broad spectrum of advisory services.

PwC Legal can assist with all types of legal aspects concerning, corporate acquisitions and sales, and investments. Our experts within, for example, Corporate Finance and tax advisory services can help you to ensure that the transaction is correctly finalized in the most effective manner possible.

PwC Legal’s team would be pleased to assist you with:

  • Corporate Sales and Acquisitions, restructurings and outsourcing within Sweden
  • Advisory services in conjunction with transactions
  • Legal due diligence (on behalf of the purchaser or seller)
  • Advice prior to acquisitions/sales (on behalf of the purchaser or seller)
  • Advisory services after acquisitions/sales (on behalf of the purchaser or seller)
  • Start-up of new operations

Transactions often open up the possibility of restructuring of operations.

Some examples of reasons for undertaking a restructuring include: integration of acquired operations, preparation in conjunction with the sale of a part of a company’s operations, and cost savings.

We would be happy to help you complete projects, such as:

  • Post-deal integration after Corporate sales or acquisitions
  • Pre-deal separation of operations before a sale or acquisition
  • Intra-group financing and refinancing
  • Domestic and cross-border sales and acquisitions
  • Alignment of legal structure to business operations
  • Rationalization and restructuring of operations

PwC’s Real Estate team works on real estate transactions in close partnership with its clients. Our clients can be owners, investors or lenders.

Our Real Estate team consists of a number of experienced real estate lawyers, accountants, analysts, tax specialists and corporate finance specialists. This enables us to provide well-founded business advice in the most challenging of business situations.

We have comprehensive experience in complex transactions requiring extensive cooperation between specialists in a variety of areas. Our goal is to always contribute with a major added value, and to find the best solution for our customers' business.

Within real estate, PwC Legal offers the following services:

  • Advice within acquisitions and sales
  • Legal due diligence 
  • Advice in conjunction with restructurings
  • Advice regarding financing and legal support in financing negotiations
  • Sale & Lease back transactions
  • Review of ownership structures and security

Advice regarding regulations, strategy, realization of property values, cost reductions, handling of rental agreements, etc.

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