Corporate governance and compliance

Corporate governance, regulatory issues and risk management have become increasingly important during a number of years implying that the responsibilities of the Board of Directors and Managing Director have never been greater, nor in such a broad scope.


Business operations have never before been associated with so many major risks. A continual development of, and changes in regulations, has made it important to be updated and prepared to act to ensure compliance with both current external regulations, as well as with ethical and internal  guidelines. We have major competence regarding the increased requirements for regulatory compliance and risk management. In combination with a far-reaching interest in our client’s business operations and our legal expertise, we can assist with strategic advisory services, risk assessment, implementation of, and training in, new regulations, etc. Our team is comprised of lawyers and tax and regulatory framework specialists who can contribute with qualified and all-inclusive advice within this area.

Within corporate governance and regulatory compliance we can offer:

  • Advice on the work of the Board of Directors and its responsibilities
  • Advice on regulatory issues and regulatory compliance
  • Training for the Board members and senior executives
  • Handling and follow-up of regulatory compliance and reporting
  • Advice in the context of changes in the operations (for example, with transactions or restructuring)
  • Preparation of minutes of Board meetings and internal guidelines (for example, a work plan for the Board of Directors and instructions for the Managing Director)

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