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Well-functioning procurement and supply chain strategies are amongst the most important cornerstones for most companies. At the same time, they are often the most vulnerable. The technological race, increased competition, new conditions in fast-growing markets and geopolitical tensions – have helped to carve out a new business landscape to which you need to adapt your business to in order to remain competitive.

PwC’s Operations Transformation team creates the best solutions for your business. We support you with strategies for procurement and supply chain and secure the access to updated data for reliable decision-making.

When you want to streamline your procurement and supply chain, we are your right partner.

Through our specialist competencies we can help you when you need to secure operation and delivery capabilities, quickly deal with capacity shortages, forecasts, scenario planning, procurement and digitalisation.

PwC Digital Procurement Survey 5th edition

This global study covers the input from respondents from over 1,000 companies and close to 60 countries. Given the challenges posed by the succession of economic, geopolitical and environmental crises, Procurement is more strategic than ever. It plays a key role in ensuring supply chain resilience, enabling/driving sustainability objectives, achieving innovation, and therefore in ensuring that businesses can run smoothly. Digitalisation of the procurement function is a real accelerator in this transition so our study is a great measure to understand trends & developments and what peer organisations are doing.
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Hubert Verweij, PwC

Hubert ensures that the value chain is optimized

Hubert Verweij supports companies by enhancing digitalization, cooperation and sustainability within procurement and supply chain.

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Linnea Henningsson, PwC

Linnea helps you drive Operations Transformations

Linnea Henningsson helps you drive operations transformation and create structure in complex situations through effective project management.

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Patric Olsson, PwC

Patric ensures that your procurement function is digitalized

Patric Olsson supports companies in digitalizing their procurement function and optimizing their working capital and cash flow.

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Hi there, Hubert Verweij, responsible for Operations within PwC Sweden

Increased volatility, uncertainty and complexity in the market affects businesses value chain to a greater extent than other functions. Our team supports clients meeting the challenges this entails, by digitalising ways of working, develop a stable supplier base and utilise the full potential of operating sustainably. Most importantly, our people-centric approach build changes that lasts.
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Hubert Verweij

Hubert Verweij

Head of Operations, PwC Sverige

Tel 0708-51 85 93

Linnea Henningsson

Linnea Henningsson

Manager, Management Consulting, PwC Sverige

Tel 0736-79 20 76

Patric Olsson

Patric Olsson

Director, PwC Sverige

Tel 0709-29 16 55

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