Welcome to PwC's HR Arena: Workforce of the Future on March 21st

Join us for PwC HR Arena: Workforce of the Future on March 21st

Automation, robots and artificial intelligence is redefining the way we work and the way employers find, motivate and develop talent. To be prepared for the future you need to understand how it will affect you and your organization. What skills will be most attractive and what skills will become obsolete? What will be the role of technology, leadership and culture? What new types of employment will we see evolve, and what will be the place of humans in the emerging world of tomorrow?

In PwC's report "Workforce of the Future – the competing forces shaping 2030" we describe four possible future worlds and what they mean for the workforce and for employers.

In this year's first HR Arena we will explore these worlds and discuss how you can use them to prepare for your own future. We invite you to a collaborative and interactive session where your thoughts and ideas will help shape the agenda.

A warm welcome to HR Arena on March 21st, hosted by PwC and Pond, located in our new Experience Center. A place where visionaries, innovators and makers collaborate at speed to imagine the future and to ideate, prototype and validate solutions to important problems. >> Explore our Experience Center


07.30 Registration and breakfast

08.00-08.30 Workforce of the Future – trends and scenarios for 2030, PwC and Pond

08.30-09.30 Workshop session: Future Worlds of Work, facilitated by PwC and Pond

09.30-10.00 Summary and the way forward, PwC and Pond

10.00 Wrap-up and close

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Please note that we have a limited amount of seats for this event


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