Pond, PwC's creative arm, just opened the new Experience Center in Stockholm


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In a world where business challenges are more complex than ever before, innovation, speed and execution is the key to success. And previous strategies will neither create the speed, nor the solution or results, that business and society demand. 

That is why we are creating the Experience Center. A place where visionaries, innovators and makers collaborate to imagine the future and to ideate, prototype and validate solutions to important problems.

Our method is about believing in the power of perspective. This means we strive for business, tech and experience capabilities to play an active role simultaneously when solving problems. It also means inviting external experts and other types of outside opinions - in. Not to mention the end users. 

All the 70 people at POND represent diverse minds and backgrounds with all sorts of talents but with one thing in common: We simply spend our awaken hours to give direction and purpose to brands and make the experiences that define them.  Because we are experience makers - brand led, human centered and design driven - nothing else.

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