Blockchain - threat or opportunity for Sweden to increase trust, competitiveness and citizen benefits

ikon PwC i Almedalen 2018

                Tisdag 3 juli kl 13.00,
                PwC, Hästgatan 9, Visby

The goal of Sweden's digitization policy is to be the best in the world to leverage the potential of digitization. Political priorities, business investment and government's commitment have enabled a digital infrastructure and digital capabilities that few other countries can match. But is it enough?

In this years annual European Commission's  index for digital economy and digital society (DESI), Sweden climbed from third to second place.

The main challenges for continued development and utilization identified were the decentralized Management model and open data. This also reflects how entrepreneurs, small and large companies are embracing the potential of digitization. Other countries, such as Estonia, Finland, Dubai and Canada,  are showing the way by offering their citizens and companies distributed, safe, transparent and efficient solutions such as Blockchain.

We will discuss opportunities and potential risks regarding the future e-society.

  • How can new technologies like the blockchain strengthen trust and create a competitive offering to citizens and businesses?
  • How can blockchain be leveraged to help accelerate digitization in Sweden?
  • What lessons can be learned from our neighboring countries in how they implemented blockchains to develop and innovate new citizen services?


  • Gunther Mårder, CEO, The Swedish Federation of Business Owners
  • Andreas Hatziegeorgiou, Chief Economist and CEO, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce
  • Taavi Roivas, MP, former Prime Minister of Estonia
  • Marie Wall, Deputy Director Startups at Ministry of Enterprise
  • Stefan Farestam, Co-Founder at Carechain
  • Priit Martinson, Government Technology & Digital Transformation Leader, PwC



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