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Take lead in your industry with Future of Health 2017

PwC introduces the Future of Health programme in order to identify and bring together fast growth scale-ups and corporates who want to change and shape the future of their business.   

Future of Health connects health tech scale-ups from Sweden and Finland with corporate partners and mentors. The programme focuses on innovative solutions and optimizing care, where the patient can get diagnosed and tend to remotely, without losing quality or elevating risk. 

By utilizing PwC’s expertise and vast network, Future of Health aims to facilitate discussions and actions leading to innovation, cooperation and growth for scale-ups and corporates, ultimately driving the development of the mobile e-health sector. 

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The theme for Future of Health 2017 is patient focused, remote mobile care

Today, a large part of government funding for health is allocated to intensive care which requires hospitalization resources. Chronic and severe illnesses mean patients continuously come back to different health instances. Long waiting times, scarce resources, failing information flows and slow systems are only a few of the problems driving cost and patient frustration. 

With new innovations such as distance surveillance, tools for remote diagnosis and advice, distance consulting, own digital care and tools for clinical decision making, today’s healthcare challenges can be overcome. 


The program brings together talented and forward-thinking entrepereneurs with subject matter experts, influencers, senior industry leaders, decision makers and investors to facilitate new collaborations and partnerships.

Top of the line health tech scale-ups from Sweden and Finland, each looking to disrupt the healthcare sector.

Executives, industry leaders, experts and decision makers within relevant areas, eager to learn and share their knowledge and expertise. The mentors will be tailored to the needs of the participants and available for one-on-one sessions. Furthermore PwC experts within relevant areas, e.g. tax, business development, branding etc. will be available throughout the programme. 

Corporate partners 
An exclusive selection of corporate partners looking to better understand the healthcare system of tomorrow and challenge conventional ideas.

Invited scale-ups (and partners) will pitch to a number of local and international VCs during and at the end of the programme.

What to gain from Future of Health 2017

The overall objective is to connect health tech scale-ups with progressive companies and influential mentors in order to drive innovation and create business opportunities. 

Commercial opportunities
Introduction to potential partnerships, working alongside industry-leading organisations and influencers. PwC will organize and facilitate workshops, masterclasses and design sprints in order to help you define and develop any business opportunity you uncover.

Access to key leaders 
By having access to PwC’s extensive network, you will be able to connect and grow your own network with up-and-coming health tech scale-ups, industry experts, senior industry leaders, decision makers and investors.

Products and services
ain insights from and access to PwC’s business and scale-up services and increase your brand recognition and business opportunities by utilizing the expertise of our award-winning brand strategy firm Pond. 

Publicity and exposure
Promotion through PwC’s primary media channels. Invitation to events, demo days, and client showcases. Thanks to PwC’s partnerships, you will be able to showcase your business to an international audience of investors and industry leaders in connection with SIME and Slush.

Accelerated growth
Clear programme goals, tailored KPIs and continual performance reviews by industry leaders driving revenue growth and/or market traction.

Peer insights and support
Engage with the rest of the cohort to identify collaboration opportunities, share experiences, knowledge and avoid common pitfalls. Utilize our subject matter experts and network in your business and product strategy decisions together with industry experts from both private and public sector.  

Dates and locations

Programme start September 2017
Duration 12 weeks
Location Stockholm Sweden and Helsinki Finland
Mari Vähäsöyrinki at PwC

Mari Vähäsöyrinki (PwC Finland)
Tel +358407000402

Lauri Lehtovuori at PwC

Lauri Lehtovuori 
Tel: +358 (0)20 787 7384

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