Programme details

Programme details

Future Of Health consists of 5 larger events, 12 masterclass opportunities and any design sprints needed in order to facilitate business opportunities. For additional information on programme details and to sign up for masterclasses please see below. 

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Kick-off, held locally

September 21th for Finnish participants and August 28th for Swedish participants.

  • Welcome to FoH – Programme overview 
  • Short pitch/introduction by all the participants
  • Introduction to pitching (Experiences from Tekes NIY)
  • Expectations, questions, Finnish participants

Where; PwC HQ Helsinki and PwC HQ Stockholm

Partner event, september 26th, Stockholm

All participants gather in Stockholm for the first event in the programme.

  • Pitch session. Each corporate partner will have a longer slot where they introduce themselves and outline what they are doing right, struggle with and where they see room for innovation 
  • The scale-ups are given the opportunity to pitch the partners
  • Introduction to Design Sprint methodology by Pond and Experience Consulting
  • Discussions on innovation and partnerships facilitated by PwC

- Optional Masterclasses on “How to create a distinctive brand and build a company culture that attracts and retain talent” & “Is your product fit for purpose and scalable?” 

Mentor event, October 10th, Helsinki

For the second event participants gather in Helsinki.

  • Pitch session. Scale-ups and partners pitch their products, services or innovations to leading officials, executives and influencers 
  • Scale-ups and partners will also have the opportunity meet with mentors one-on-one, based on the mentors’ preferences  

Optional Masterclass on “Corporate finance and fundraising”, Chris Vargas from the US and Jaakko Kilpeläinen PwC Finland

Investor event, November 16th, Stockholm

Back in Stockholm for the third event, the Investor day, in connection with SIME.

  • Pitch session towards VC’s, where the scale-ups get an opportunity to showcase their products, services or any innovation that has been developed during the programme
  • Scale-ups and partners get to speed date influential VC’s

Optional Masterclass on “How to find and utilize the right pricing model”
The Investor event takes place adjacent to SIME (Nov 15-16), Northern Europe’s leading conference about digital business opportunities. Tickets are included in the programme.

Demo Day, November 29th, Helsinki

D-Day. In Helsinki. In connection with Slush.

  • Partners and Scale-ups are given the opportunity to pitch their results from the incubator programme to an international audience of investors, entrepreneurs, high-level executives, senior industry leaders and decision makers.
  • “How to navigate Slush” with Marianne Vikkula, CEO of Slush
  • Networking and Drinks
  • Slush Parties

    Optional Masterclass “Going Global - How to scale sales beyond your home market”

    The Demo Day will be held in Helsinki in connection with Slush, the world’s leading startup event (Nov 30 - Dec 1). Discounted tickets for Slush will be available for purchase.

Masterclasses Stockholm

Create a distinctive brand

Week 39, September 26th, Stockholm

How to create a distinctive brand and build a company culture that attracts and retain talent. PwC’s reward winning, brand strategy firm Pond will talk about how to develop your brand and build a corporate culture and image that not only appeals to customers but also employees.

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Is your product fit for purpose and scalable?

Week 39, September 26th, Stockholm.

Per Hannover, PwC expert on strategy and transformation, have the answers to how and why certain companies manage to grow their products and services and reimagine their business when faced with uncertainty or adversity.    

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Commercialization and linking up with the County

Week 40, October 5th, Stockholm

This masterclass will be held both in Helsinki and Stockholm, thereby providing a thorough understanding of how to commercialize your products on new markets as well as insights on how to connect with and expand your business with different government entities.   

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How to recruit for growth

Week 45, November 9 Stockholm  

When scaling your organisation,  you need to consider both harder and softer aspects of your organisation and people strategy. We will touch upon subjects such as: including what talent you need, how to get to your optimal organisational structure and the relative legal and tax aspects.

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Regulatory, IPR (Intellectual Property), GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation )

Week 44, October 31st, Stockholm

How do you navigate and keep up to date in the jungle of regulations, intellectual property rights and GDPR?

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Regulations as enabler of the health-sector future

Week 46, November 16th, Stockholm

A fireside chat between entrepreneurs, corporate representatives, regulators, PwC experts and decision makers o regulations and what keeps the market from developing at a quicker pace.

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Lauri Lehtovuori at PwC.

Lauri Lehtovuori
Tel: +358 (0)20 787 7384


Mari Vähäsöyrinki at PwC

Mari Vähäsöyrinki
Tel +35840700040

Masterclasses Helsinki

Valuations, IPO Readiness & Raising Equity

Week 41, October 10th, Helsinki

IPO:ing can be just as much about raising equity as it is an exit option. What does the road to an IPO entail and how do you valuate and prepare your business for it?

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Going Global - How to scale sales beyond your home market

Week 48, November 29th, Helsinki

How do you shift into high gear, scale sales beyond your home market and accelerate your business? What are the different strategies (Distributors, reseller, joint ventures, setting up own sales team)? What are the pros and cons and what differs between markets? How do you find the right partnerships and how do you split revenues? 

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How to recruit for growth

Week 40, date TBD, Stockholm  

As any entrepreneur or business leader knows, it is all about the team. How do you understand and employ the right skills mix to drive growth? What do you need to take into account when hiring people abroad? Do you need to set up a local entity or can you contract from abroad?

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How to find and utilize the right pricing model

November 15th, Stockholm 

What kind of pricing models have successfully been implemented to grow scale-ups? How do you identify and choose a model that suits your target group? Which models generate revenue early on without compromising the business’ ability to grow?    

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