For Corporates

What do you gain from participating in the program as a corporate?

Opportunities to build new collaborations and partnerships

Explore mutually beneficial pilot and partnership opportunities with participating scale-ups and corporates

Conduct a joint scale-up/corporate design sprint with our in-house brand strategy firm Pond at our recently opened PwC Experience Center

Insights from an exclusive network

Engage with an extensive network of high-profile mentors, investors and innovation thought leaders across the industry and start-up community

Gain new insights and perspectives from round table discussions with key industry players and PwC master classes on your key challenge areas

Inspiration for innovation and corporate entrepreneurship

Gain inspiration from top industry innovators and thought leaders. See how they’re changing the rules of the game and implement innovation within your own corporate culture

Interested in becoming a partner in a future program?

Contact our team!

Ulrika E Andersson, PwC
Ulrika Andersson

Tel: +46 (0)725 849117

Ebba Rundquist, PwC
Anna Lovric

Tel: +46 (0)729 952508

Henrik Stegersjö, PwC
Henrik Stegersjö

Tel: +46 (0)736 544 088

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