The Smart Manufacturing Industry


The Swedish manufacturing industry is challenged as digitalization and demand of automation increases. PwC’s latest survey covering about 60 leading industrial companies show that the greatest challenge is about the difficulty to generate sufficient payback for the large investments that has to be made within industrial internet to keep pace in the swift development of technology.

– Sweden has a great opportunity to take a leading role in the digital industry and to keep its position in the global competition, but it demands that we can procure enough employees with top-level expertise, say Fredrik Vernersson, senior advisor at PwC and Strategy&.

About the survey:

The survey “The Smart Manufacturing Industry: The Industrial Internet creates new opportunities for Swedish manufacturing companies” builds on 64 interviews and five depth interviews with executives in leading Swedish industrial companies. The purpose is to understand how far the industry has come with the transformation towards the industrial internet and what is referred to as ‘Industry 4.0’, a development that will change the game rules for Swedish industry. The survey was completed by a web survey and phone interviews during April-May 2015.

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