Future of Shopping 2019

An exclusive twelve week program designed to accelerate your business through collaboration with key actors.

Welcome to Future of Shopping – a PwC initiative designed to bring scale-ups, corporates, and industry leaders together in order to shape the future of shopping by exploring solutions related to optichannel development and sustainability. Through collaborative efforts, the aim is to extend to the current ecosystem as well as to find mutual business opportunities and accelerated commercial growth.

"The Future of Shopping has helped actualise the problem and issue related to personalisation and data-driven insights connected to the omnichannel experience in the physical store"

"Collaboration cross-industry really makes you see challenges with new perspectives - and thus solutions too!"

Why Future of Shopping?

Shopping does not look the way it used to. Back in the 1960’s, we saw a big revolution. The economy in large grew, and so did consumerism. It was during this time we started to see the rise of shopping malls, as well as a large array of branded products. Around the year 2000, we saw a new big shift, as online sales started taking off significantly. Since then, we have seen the introduction of social media, changes in customer preferences, rapid technology development and adaptation, and the ability to collect large numbers of individual data, to name a few examples. As technology provides solutions for many current problems, it also poses a number of challenges to new ones.

The retail industry needs to be reinvented, and it has already started. More and more companies are thinking in terms on how to reduce their carbon footprints, as it is an increasing demand from stakeholders: regulators, consumers, and even investors. At the same time, consumers demand new touchpoints, as the world gets more mobile and new tech offer solutions to problems we have never faced before.

That is why our next Future of-initiative will revolve around shopping, with focus on optichannel and sustainability. Our ambition is to gather some of the most innovative, influential, and ambitious organizations and actors in the ecosystem to come together and find new ways to cooperate and innovate to accelerate their commercial growth and simultaneously address some of tomorrow’s challenges for the future of shopping.

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