"It was minus 22 degrees when I arrived in Sweden, from 38 degrees in India"

Rohit came to Europe to work in finance

Rohit, you moved from India to Europe and Sweden, how come?

– I was working for PwC in India in ABAS which was more audit and accounting based. After doing that for around three years, I decided that I wanted to expand my knowledge into finance and chose to study further with an MBA (Master of Business Administration) specialising in banking and finance in the UK. After completing my studies there I got an internship in Sweden at Atlas Copco Group in their Treasury function, so that is how I eventually ended up in Sweden.

After working at Atlas Copco, you came back to PwC. How come?

– I gained a lot of practical experience on the industry side and I wanted to expand my technical knowledge further in the area of Transfer Pricing. I started my career in PwC and I still use that knowledge I gained and put it to practical use while working in the industry. Seizing this opportunity to bring my practical experience to other companies, learning further and developing a new service offering made me come back to PwC.

What do you see in your future?

– It has been exciting coming back to PwC and exploring these opportunities. I intend to be a leader in the area of end to end Transfer Pricing in PwC and offer clients new service offerings which are innovative, effective and efficient for the companies.

Name: Rohit Sidhwani

Profession: Specialist in Transfer Pricing, Tax Services.

Education: Bachelor of Commerce, (Specialisation in Accounting) University of Pune, India; Master of Commerce (Specialisation in Accounting), University of Pune, India; Master of Business Administration in Banking & Finance, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.

What I love about my job: I love the variety of work as every company is different and you get to learn so many different aspects on the way companies operate. Each new project, there is something new that you learn.

Rohit Sidwhani – timeline

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