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Finding valuable talent is quickly becoming an important objective of M&A. The right kind of positions, incentives and environment are essential for the acquiring company to attract and retain those individuals – and for improving – the long term value of the deal.

Our People in deals specialists work with clients on a full range of transactions, including: acquisitions, divestitures, business recovery and capital events such as an IPO. We drive value for our clients across the entire transaction cycle.

People in Deals is a Vanguard firm per Kennedy Consulting Research and Advisory

PwC stands out as the largest and most globally sophisticated practice for HR consulting in transactions.

People in Deals operates as a global practice with centres of excellence in seven countries and more in development. Its approach ensures HR value is driven at each stage of a transaction, the firm has an unmatched ability to quickly mobilise large numbers of dedicated HR due diligence specialists for complex, global transactions, a true differentiator given the trend toward shorter due diligence time frames.

PwC’s People in Deals practice stands out for its capabilities in global service delivery and innovation.

The most compelling piece of evidence, however, is a cluster of case studies that show global companies bringing PwC on midstream to salvage the HR elements of a transaction midstream.

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