The Property Barometer


The Property Barometer captures current trends and assessments from Sweden’s major real estate companies and financial players.

After a highly intensive conclusion to the business year 2014, many analysts believe in a continuation of the good climate for property transactions in 2015. In Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe 2015, the survey PwC presents every year, we can note conclusions, such as it being harder to find suitable investment opportunities, the strong supply of equity continuing and the risk curve shifting in the search for returns.

We also see many of these signs on the Swedish market. Around the end of the year, we also saw two large deals being closed with international buyers.

We also continue to have an interesting economic situation with extremely low interest rates both in Sweden and several other economies. Of course, this gives input to discussions on expectations of a rent increase in several different kinds of property.

We hope that this fourth edition of the Property Barometer will be able to serve as a guide for you in strategic and operational considerations in the future.

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